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Has your tub turned rusty over the years?

If your once beautiful bathtub is showing the wear and tear of its age then it should be in your best interest to have it resurfaced. Here at Porcelain Glaze, we feel it as our responsibility to bring life back to your bathtub and tile.


Stop feeling embarrassed when you have visitors over because a simple resurfacing job is all that stands between you and a shiny clean bathtub.

Custom colors and non-skid floor areas

We make sure you get the most out of our resurfacing services with our many options and amenities. Have access to custom colors and non-skid floor areas that ensure your safety.

Porcelain Glaze's services

- Bathtubs

- Sinks

- Wall tiles

- Fiberglass tubs and showers

Request your FREE estimate

Get the most out of your resurfacing project when you also take advantage of our FREE estimates. This ensures no surprises on your bill and showcases just how affordable our services are.

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